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How Cuemath Program can Make Your Child Love Math?


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27 November 2020

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Do you want your child to fall in love with math?

Math is going to be one of the most important skills in the coming decades. The world is transforming at a rapid pace and math is at the core of this transformation.

It is widely accepted that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are going to have revolutionary growth in the coming decades. 

These technologies require a strong mathematical base and thus math is needed for the jobs of the future.

If you want your child to keep up with the pace of technological growth, you should strongly consider building a strong foundation of math in them.

In this article, we will discuss how can Cuemath program help your child in not just getting good at math but with falling in love with the subject.

Check the below video to know why the Cuemath method works:

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Cuemath classes don’t feel like work

  • The Cuemath program is designed to engage children. It makes them fall in love with math.

  • It does not feel like work. It does not put pressure on children.

  • Math is the most important life skill. The conventional way of teaching math is simply not effective.

  • We believe that other activities are very important, but they cannot be done at the expense of a life skill like math.

  • Cuemath with its focus on learning outcomes builds a strong foundation using the Cuemath Method.

A one-hour Cuemath class is a Fun learning Affair

Based on student survey data, most of the children enrolled in Cuemath want the classes to last longer and be conducted more frequently. Children love coming to Cuemath classes because:

  • They are not judged or ridiculed if they make a mistake.

  • Personalized attention from the teacher allows them to ask questions freely.

  • There are math activities that bring a concept to life.

  • Math exercises and assessments on the tab don’t feel like games rather than math.

  • There are no lectures, no videos to watch passively – that is, no blackboard method of teaching.

  • Children build a healthy and positive relationship with math and experience math in a way it always should have been experienced. 

Other activities are important, but doing them at the expense of math is risky

  • Math and reasoning go hand in hand. Math is best learned by reasoning. At the same time, math is also the best tool available to help children learn to reason.
  • In today’s world, an individual needs to be able to critically analyze situations and then take decisions. The decisions could be at work or in personal life.

  • Making quick and accurate decisions requires a strong foundation of basic math concepts and an ability to apply them in unfamiliar settings. In other words – individuals need good reasoning abilities.

  • Only math can build these from a young age. Hence we say that Math is a life skill.

Learning math using the conventional method is just not enough

  • Enough research has shown that math cannot be taught like some other subjects.

  • If taught using the blackboard methodology – via lectures or videos children are simply listening passively.

  • If they are not involved and active, math learning is just not enough.

  • If the learning is not effective, gaps in knowledge start building up.

  • These gaps may not be evident immediately but will create barriers to learning at a later point – perhaps months or even years later

  • For instance, children who do not learn fractions the right way (in grade 3) may struggle with decimals in grade 4, or percentages in grade 5 or rational numbers in grade 7.

Cuemath Method ensures children experience Math in the right way

  • Children learn by reasoning
  • The learning resources are customized and each child learns at a pace best suited to them

  • Concepts are introduced using visual aids or activities using physical learning aids

  • There’s no peer pressure. Children are free to ask questions and unafraid to make mistakes.

  • Teachers don’t give away answers. They provide clues and help children figure out the answer


In today’s world, an individual needs to be able to critically analyze situations and then take decisions. The decisions could be at work or in personal life.

Mathematics is the best tool to build your logical thinking and reasoning skills. It empowers you to make better decisions in life.

The Cuemath program is designed to engage children. It makes them fall in love with math.

Cuemath believes in building a strong math foundation rather than just focusing on marks.

About Cuemath

Cuemath, student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Cuemath?

Cuemath Leap is a beyond school excellence program. Developed by IIT and Cambridge graduates, it aims to change the way math is taught to students. The curriculum is designed to make math fun and interesting. We cover all the math concepts from all boards- CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, and International boards.

How to become a teacher in Cuemath?

First, one has to complete an online job application form. Shortlisted applicants need to register for training by paying the fee for an electronic writing pad. Then the applicant has to go through the training courses and pass the necessary assessment tests to get certified. No prior teaching experience is required.

How Cuemath works?

Cuemath has programs for math and coding for students of grade 1-10. Students can request for a demo session to check out the Cuemath classroom and learning experience. Once enrolled, students have live interactive online classes personalized to their needs. Proper attention is given to each student as the batch size is small, and the doubts get cleared instantly.

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