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Welcome to the Cuemath team Anshumani Ruddra

Welcome to the Cuemath team Anshumani Ruddra

January 25, 2017

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A self-confessed nerd who dreamt of becoming a mathematician during his childhood, Anshumani Ruddra, ex-VP of Product Development at Practo, believes that his dream of learning something new everyday will finally come true, now that he has joined Cuemath as the Chief Product Officer.

In a candid conversation with him, he talks about his journey into Cuemath.


Tell us a bit about your education.

I grew up in a household of teachers. As a child I observed my parents constantly learning and being up to date in their profession. In fact, there were times when my parents and I were studying at the same time for our respective exams. I intended to study for as long as I could and loved learning. Although I wanted to be a scientist/ academic , I chose the option of studying in IIT Madras because I wanted to become an engineer and then move towards a PhD.

Another thing I firmly believed in was that in order to learn something thoroughly, one must teach it. So in school, I formed my own study groups and taught my peers. It was something I really enjoyed back then!


What career opportunities did you take up?

I started off as an author. I’ve written books for kids for around six and a half years. I began working on screenplays for animated films after that and got hooked onto it. I worked at Zynga as the lead game designer and later started my own game studio called Tiny Mogul Games in Bangalore (now known as Hike games). From gaming, I moved into the healthcare sector and joined Practo as the VP of Product Development. After Practo, I’m here in Cuemath and it’s simply amazing to be a part of not just a company, but a revolution in the field of education.


Writing, gaming, healthcare and now education. How have you evolved across these contrastive industries?

I’m constantly striving to make user experience great. When I got into the gaming industry, I understood that user engagement is critical to bring your product above a certain benchmark. The practices I learnt in the gaming industry were useful when I moved to Practo.

If you look at the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, health and education come under the basic needs but I saw that user experience is being neglected here.

The same is with education. It is a need and today parents try to push their kids to do too many things at once. Most parents harbour the fear of missing out on a certain trend. All said and done, education serves a higher purpose. If we go back to the Maslow’s Pyramid, self-actualization is right on top and this is possible only through great education.


What are the challenges you may face while building a product for an audience like ours?

Cuemath isn’t a one-city stint. It’s a revolution that is slowly unfurling is many cities now. More parents are getting educated about the right way to learn math and today, a lot of parents are looking beyond exam results because of Cuemath. The challenge that we may face is that every city behaves uniquely.

We cannot think of broadcasting something across the country. Strong on ground research and consumer experience is imperative since Cuemath is something that is moulding the next generation of leaders.

Cuemath’s success depends entirely on the Cuemath Teachers and it is very important to ensure that we contribute to their success as well.


What do you look to for inspiration while designing products?

The audience that I’m creating the product for. That’s the only thing on my mind; enriching their experience and making them love the product.


What is Cuemath’s potential in the market today?

Cuemath Centers for Math Excellence will be in every street corner and every student will be a Cuemath student in the near future. The potential for educated housewives is huge. The Cuemath Teachers are serving a much higher purpose by preparing the future generation. We are collectively contributing to the knowledge economy.

Today, problem solving is a core skill and we have to prepare a child for this. Whatever profession, your ability to build domain expertise is what’s most important isn’t it? If you don’t grow, you’ll have nowhere to go!


How big is the impact that Cuemath has created so far?

The impact is 2 fold. On one hand, educated housewives have a shot at becoming independent and feeling good about themselves. On the other hand students are being prepared to become innovators and problem solvers in the future and this is not done in a boring way. Cuemath is delivered using tabs, quizzes, games and puzzles thus ensuring that students also love what they’re doing while learning.


What do you think of the Cuemath Team?

The team is full of subject matter experts and learned professionals. Apart from this, they are all very passionate about our vision. And this I speak not just of the core Cuemath team but also of the Cuemath Teachers who have been doing a wonderful job so far!

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