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How to ace the IMO this year?

Dear Parent,

First of all, I must compliment you for being here – you must be one of those who really care about unravelling the smart secrets that can enhance your child’s academic performance!

Next, I must quickly get down to the task of unwrapping that one secret which will make the real difference.

There is one important thing that all the toppers do when they prepare for competitive examinations. And almost every topper discovers this secret when they enter the 12th Grade – because that is when they are supposed to prepare for different competitive exams for the first time.

However, you have the opportunity to start this practice for your child, even when they are in the 1st Grade! And this opportunity comes in the form of IMO – the International Mathematics Olympiad exam.

But before we start grasping the details of this practice, there are some questions you should address:

Well, if your answer is yes to the first two questions, then there is no doubt that you are serious about developing your child’s mathematical abilities.

But, if you are still curious about that one thing which can help your child soar higher in the IMO, then I must caution you first! 

And why? Because the answer to your question may lead to a discovery that is both rare and surprisingly clear!

Hint: As of today, there is almost nothing that equips your child with IMO skills while offering cash prizes* and scholarships**!

Still curious? Well, high time that I kill the suspense!

The answer is –  Taking a test that accurately simulates the real IMO conditions.

Yes, writing IMO before there’s an IMO in December!

In other words, you must give your child an opportunity to appear in a unique practice test that challenges their skills in the same environment, under the same conditions. 

A test wherein thousands of other students are going to participate under the conditions that are exactly similar to those that of the IMO exam!

Wait! Why does my child need such a Practice Test for IMO?

The benefits of taking a practice test simulating the real-life test conditions are many. But I will be brief:

Bridge knowledge gaps:

The whole point of Cuemath Math Olympiad is for your child to understand their strengths and weaknesses, where there is a knowledge gap that needs further revision. 

What are the key areas they’re good at and needs polishing, what are the challenges and how to overcome them? 

Practice tests can help your child test their knowledge and solidify concepts they already know.

Beat the clock:

IMO not just tests your child’s ability to strategically come up with the right solutions to complex logical problems, but it also tests how fast your child can do it. 

Cuemath Math Olympiad serves as a good exercise for your child to test themselves in a timed scenario similar to that as the IMO.

Heighten Confidence

Exams, especially competitive exams can be very stressful for kids, no matter what grade they’re in. 

Cuemath Math Olympiad is designed to mimic actual exam like scenarios, acting as a confidence booster by helping your child ease up before the big day.

Okay, I understand the benefits. But what should I do next?

At Cuemath we understand the importance of global competitions such as the IMO and wish to prepare your child to ace them in whichever grade they are in.

Keeping the competitiveness and skills required to ace the IMO, we have come up with a nation-wide test that will help your child be ready for the IMO today!  

To boost your child’s confidence and win attractive prizes, enrol now by clicking this link:


But, what is Cuemath Math Olympiad?

The Cuemath Olympiad is a nationwide test to unearth the best math minds of the country. Students from classes 1st to 10th will participate in two rigorous rounds to win the challenge.

The first round (Round 1) of this exam will consist of a self-assessment test that the student can take from the comfort of their home.

Upon clearing the first round (Round 1), the students are required to participate in the second round (Round 2) at their nearest Cuemath Teacher Partner’s centre.

Why should my child participate in the Cuemath Math Olympiad?

The Cuemath Math Olympiad (CMO) will help your child test out their math abilities against their peers from the same grade in a competitive environment. 

The test environment will mimic the type of environment they would face when they’re participating in the International Math Olympiad. 

Apart from that, your child will also get:

  • A highly customized report that analyses your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Detailed performance comparison of the student vis-à-vis other students at the city and national levels.
  • Certificates and cash prizes for all the students!

How can my child participate in the Cuemath Math Olympiad?

The participation process involves a few easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up for the Cuemath Math Olympiad using this link: 

Step 2: Add your child for the test.

Step 3: Pay the registration fee of Rs. 149/- 

Step 4: You will get the test link to launch the Round 1 test on the day of the exam.

Step 5: Have your child attempt the test at the given time.

Step 6: Check the results to see if your child has qualified for Round 2.

How will I know that the exam pattern for the Cuemath Math Olympiad is relevant to my child’s needs?

For Classes 1 to 4

The participant has to answer 35 Questions in 60 Minutes. There will be a separate question paper for each class. The question paper will have four sections:

For Classes 5 to 10

The participant has to answer 50 Questions in 60 Minutes. There will be a separate question paper for each class. The question paper will have four sections:

The SOF International Math Olympiad helps students test out their mathematical skills with students from all over the world. The exams are conducted in two levels- Level 1 and Level 2.  

The level 1 exam is open to students in classes 1-12 and is conducted in the students’ respective schools during school hours.

 The exam lasts for 60-minutes and is attempted solely in English. 

The test paper of classes 1 to 4 consists of 35 questions and from class 5 onwards 50 questions from various mathematical sections such as Mathematical reasoning, Logical reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, and an Achievers section. 

The students who perform exceptionally well stand a chance to qualify for Level 2 of the SOF IMO exam. However, students in class 3-12 are only allowed to appear for the Level 2 exam.

The International Math Olympiad (IMO) is not just a math competition; it’s a global challenge that helps your child grow their mathematical skills in a competitive environment.

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