what we do why we do what we do and how it changes the way your child learns math

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We are Cuemath. We help your child understand math in a way that helps them master the subject and develop mathematical thinking. This helps them become problem solvers and creative thinkers of tomorrow.

Our dream- Teaching math the right way.

Why Cuemath?

Cuemath was born with a vision to help your child learn math the right way,  overcoming the difficulties they face due to the traditional chalk and blackboard system of learning.

We expose your child to a learning system that enables and encourages them to grasp the WHY behind the WHAT of math concepts by-

Visualizing concepts from multiple points of views:

When your child learns through visual tools and manipulative, the process of mathematical learning changes for them. The nature of visual mathematics being much more open and creative can go a long way in reducing and eliminating the aversion, commonly seen in students towards the subject.

Building their mental models and algorithms:

Visualizing math concepts helps your child make their own mental models and algorithms. They can then use these mental models and algorithms to understand concepts and find solutions better.

Developing logical reasoning by finding numerous answers to a question:

Logical reasoning is one of the most sought after skill your child can have in the coming years. It’s the most important foundational skill of math. Training in logical reasoning encourages your child to think for themselves and find different solutions to a problem.

Applying mathematical concepts in solving problems in everyday life:

Math is inbuilt in our daily lives, everything we do is in some way or the other interrelated to math. We help your child develop essential math skills that helps them utilize various mathematical concepts in problem solving in daily life.


How do we develop mathematical thinking in your child?

We’ve designed our program keeping your child in mind. Watch the video to know how Cuemath is different from other math classes when it comes to helping your child get better at math, not just as a subject but as an essential life skill:

The Cuemath curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning math by reasoning. This helps your child not only understand the logic behind mathematical concepts and problems but also apply them to real-world scenarios.

When it comes to math, everything is connected. A single missing link can weaken the entire foundation.  If the aversion towards math is not addressed at early stages, in later years it leads to problems like math anxiety. Conversely, a strong foundation in math paves the way for future academic successes.

Learn from the best math teachers and top your exams

  • Live one on one classroom and doubt clearing
  • Practice worksheets in and after class for conceptual clarity
  • Personalized curriculum to keep up with school