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The Cuemath Quiz - A Wholesome Treat for the Family

July 17, 2020

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19th June 2016 looked like a fine day for a quiz. Somehow, Mrs. Aparna Aggarwal had a pre-notion about this and had scheduled a Cuemath quiz on the same day.

The Cuemath Quiz is on a roll across the country. It has created enough of a hustle and parents and children are seen registering for and participating in this event everywhere. Certified Cuemath teachers conduct the quizzes not just for Cuemath students, but also for other children who are interested.

Mrs. Aparna hosted an audience of roughly 60 people, of which 33 were participants. She seemed to effortlessly go about the quiz and made it engaging and fun for all present.

The confidence with which she handled the crowd would actually make one believe that she faced no hiccups at all. But in reality, she explains the two main challenges that she faced.


Challenges Faced

  • Venue:

Booking a good and comfortable venue is very important. Due to the hot weather, I booked an air conditioned hall.

  • Registrations:

The biggest challenge was to gather children for the quiz. Spreading awareness about Cuemath and the quiz was a little difficult, but I   managed to finally host a good crowd.”

Once the event started however, everything went on very smoothly. The enthusiasm could be seen in students as well as parents. All the parents were continuously engaged in trying to solve the tougher questions given to their children.

Mrs. Aparna also conducted a separate quiz for the parents too where they all had fun. The entire hall radiated with high energy and every one had a big smile on their face while receiving medals and certificates.

Two super parents also received medals

“Last but not the least, I must say that the Cuemath Quiz brought about a positive impact on everyone there” Mrs. Aparna said.

A few parents and children were asked to give their feedback on the event and all of them answered saying that the questions were engaging and different and they were able to understand concepts through these questions too! Most of them are waiting for the next quiz to happen.

“This was the first time I arranged an event on my own and it turned out to be very good! Parents and children enjoyed alike and they all became aware about Cuemath.”


Organising the Quiz

How did she go about the organising phase? She explains that

  • planning in advance helps
  • the venue should nice and comfortable as per weather
  • water and snacks can be arranged to break the ice
  • reach out and talk to as many people as you can

So now that Mrs. Aparna is ready to conduct many more quizzes, her message to the other Cuemath teachers is,

Every teacher must organise a quiz. This is beneficial for not only the growth of Cuemath as a whole but also your personal growth. You will achieve greater confidence which will reflect in your personality.

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