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Many of us are of the opinion that the best way to judge a child’s math ability is through school tests. Of course, school tests give parents an idea about their child’s knowledge on concepts but is that what math is all about?

Math is not simply a subject that we learn in school and later forget. Exams will come and go, but if we want our children to develop logical thinking, math has to be our first option!  Math is one of the best ways that a child gets to face roadblocks and devise his/her own way around it. This sort of an encounter with math is usually hampered by a faulty system wherein the child is fed with formulae to learn by heart, “tips & tricks” and shortcuts.

What is the most critical issue that our country is facing today?  Lack of jobs. If we look into the past, we see a pattern where many jobs have become automated over the years. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate because of which lesser man-power is required for certain jobs.

  • Today, we don’t need to have a conversation with the bank teller while withdrawing money; Internet banking has made our money available at just a few clicks.
  • IT biggie Infosys released around 9000 employees in 2016 stating that lower end jobs were getting automated. Read this article for the full story.  
  • Online stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc. make shopping more convenient and cheaper. What’s interesting is that Amazon has begun delivering products using drones in December 2016.
  • Driverless cars are a step away from reality with Uber, Google and Tesla working on the technology.
  • An insurance company in Japan replaced 30 of its employees with Artificial Intelligence.
  • IBM’s Watson, a supercomputer, is guiding most nurses at a renowned hospital in various treatments.

This is just the beginning and automation in the near future, will be blind to the colour of an individual’s collar. So how can we ensure that our children build a career around this evolution?

The World Economic Forum released an interesting study in 2016. It highlights that the future is a place for individuals who are capable of making complex decisions. The study also throws light on the fact that combining math with one’s skill set is the best way forward.

Math. That is the way forward!

Building a strong math foundation in a child ensures that he/she uses math to influence decisions made and reason out these decisions as well.

Cuemath aims to build this sort of a relationship between children and math. The program not only includes conceptual learning but helps kids understand the “why” behind these concepts. This way, children will understand the beauty of math.

When math is beautiful, it is fun to learn.

As parents, aren’t we obliged to understand the trends of the world and expose our children to much more than traditional classroom tests?

Students today have the option of testing their calibre through many credible tests like the International Math Olympiad (IMO), Mensa etc.

The IMO organized in our country every year helps us understand how much a child enjoys learning and practising math. It is a 2 level test for students from grade 1 to 12. The results provided, show the strong and weak areas of a student and also give a performance comparison at school, state and international level. More than 50% of the questions in the IMO deal with reasoning and everyday math.

Over 200 Cuemath Students have cracked the IMO in December 2016 and we are proud of them. Some of our top achievers this year are shown below.

To view all the school toppers, click here.

Congratulations to these toppers! It’s amazing how they achieved great scores on an international level.

Many Cuemath Students have topped their respective schools in the IMO test. Click here to view them.


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