Why does your child need an IMO, before the IMO?

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July 9, 2020

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One of the largest mathematical competitions in the country is coming.

But is your child prepared for it?

To help your child prepare in advance for the up and coming International Math Olympiad, we have designed a special test for your child.

Let’s just say, it’s IMO before your child sits for the IMO.

 It’s a mock version of what your child is about to face in the future.


What is The Cuemath Math Olympiad (CMO) 2019?

The Cuemath Math Olympiad is a nationwide test to unearth the best math minds of the country. Students from classes 1st to 10th will participate in two rigorous rounds to win the challenge.

The first round (Round 1) of this exam will consist of a self-assessment test that the student can take from the comfort of their home.

Upon clearing the first round (Round 1), the students are required to participate in the second round (Round 2) at their nearest Cuemath Teacher Partner’s centre.


Why should my child participate in the Cuemath Math Olympiad?

There are many benefits for your child upon participating in the Cuemath Math Olympiad, including that of getting a first hand experience of how they are conducted.

Here are the top 3 reasons why your child should participate in the Cuemath Math Olympiad:

  • Build situational awareness:

Did you know, soldiers in the military go through a strict routine of training that tests their memory power and recalling skills in stressful war-like situations, to prepare them for the actual battle?

Situational Awareness will help your child be prepared and foresee what is about to come in terms of the exam. The Cuemath Math Olympiad is designed in a way that it mimics a similar pattern and the exact test taking environment that your child will face in the IMO.

Your child will be exposed to in the International Math Olympiad, much like how soldiers in the military are trained to win at war.

  • Get the right training: 

IMO not just tests your child’s ability to strategically come up with the right solutions to complex logical problems, but it also tests how fast your child can do it. 

Cuemath Math Olympiad serves as a good exercise for your child to test themselves in a timed scenario similar to that as the IMO.

  • Get a complete SWOT Analysis:

As with every exam, it’s imperative that your child know the areas that they’re lagging behind at so as to work harder in grasping those concepts, to claim mastery over the subject. 

The whole point of Cuemath Math Olympiad is for your child to understand their strengths and weaknesses, where there is a knowledge gap that needs further revision. 


What are the key areas they’re good at and needs polishing, what are the challenges and how to overcome them? 

Apart from that, as part of the SWOT Analysis, we will give your child: 

  1. A highly customized report that analyses your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. And a detailed performance comparison of the student vis-à-vis other students at the city and national levels.

To help you and your child plan and create the right winning strategy for the IMO.

The SOF International Math Olympiad helps students test out their mathematical skills with students from all over the world. The exams are conducted in two levels- Level 1 and Level 2.  

The level 1 exam is open to students in classes 1-12 and is conducted in the students’ respective schools during school hours.

 The exam lasts for 60-minutes and is attempted solely in English. 

The test paper of classes 1 to 4 consists of 35 questions and from class 5 onwards 50 questions from various mathematical sections such as Mathematical reasoning, Logical reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, and an Achievers section. 

The students who perform exceptionally well stand a chance to qualify for Level 2 of the SOF IMO exam. However, students in class 3-12 are only allowed to appear for the Level 2 exam.

The International Math Olympiad (IMO) is not just a math competition; it’s a global challenge that helps your child grow their mathematical skills in a competitive environment.

We at Cuemath, are devoted to helping your child get the right kind of training that’s needed for them to ace the International Math Olympiad.

To know more about CMO, and how you can register your child for it, click here.

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