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Research shows that, in order to learn and succeed at something, we must commit to it, physically and mentally. Most New Year resolutions fail because we lack the will to stay committed to our goals. If you take swimming for instance or even learning a musical instrument, it is crucial to invest time in order to see results.

If you are new to swimming, you would make it a point to get to your classes regularly just so that you can be in tune with your progress. You first learn how to stay afloat in water, then you learn the basic strokes. Once you’re confident with the basics, you work on other swimming styles like the butterfly etc. Showing up to the swimming pool on time for classes, setting aside an hour or two to practice your music, these are small but important steps to achieve your goals.

Learning math is no different. Once the basics are strong, we encourage children to explore various other aspects of math.

While we have committed to help your child build a strong foundation in math, their learning curve will break when they become irregular.

We’ve highlighted how your child’s experience with math will be affected if they don’t attend Cuemath classes regularly.


When enrolling at a Cuemath centre, we ensure that your child learns topics that correspond to their level. The Cuemath curriculum is designed in such a way that a child covers a certain number of topics in one year. However, irregular attendance can hamper their learning and they may not be able to complete those topics in that year.

Aptitude and Reasoning:

This also applies to Aptitude and Reasoning. We plan and expect exposure to a set number of puzzles a year. We also encourage practice on a certain number of skills a year. If your child is not regular to their Cuemath classes, chances are high that they get left behind while their peers advance ahead.


If you look at it from a psychological point of view, children don’t like to be left behind. When they see the rest of the class advancing, completing modules, mastering skills etc. they would get demotivated and lose interest.

In order to get great results, one needs to be regular. Giving multiple breaks to your child’s education can be detrimental to their progress and their ability to learn can slow down as well.

So, this New Year, make a resolution with your child to attend Cuemath classes regularly and see the difference that it makes because, showing up is half the battle won!

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