Why the Cuemath Method Works?



23 September 2020

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In Cuemath, we create an online platform for the kids to grow and develop their mathematical skills.

It empowers students to learn math by reasoning and visual representation instead of memorizing it.  We believe that math is a life skill. The students are encouraged to learn mathematics by reasoning so that they have strong conceptual knowledge and retain their math skills for life. 

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important notes to remember
“Our learning system is designed with the aim of ensuring that students develop better and an extensive understanding of concepts of mathematics while being engaged and enthusiastic.”

We believe and lay our focus on a student-centered approach. Through our smart online live classes, we provide a platform for the students to participate enthusiastically while getting all the relevant knowledge of maths.

Here, teachers and students participate in a meaningful discussion. The role of the teacher is just to coach and facilitate student learning. There are different forms of assessment, group projects, and class participation.

We try to apply different approaches of teaching so that the educators gain a better understanding of their class governance and connect with their students.

Main Objective: Maximise Learning

important notes to remember
“The main question is how can one maximise learning?”

The answer is counter intuitive. The answer is to go slow. To learn faster and better, spend time in experiencing and deconstructing the concept.

To understand this, we need to understand the way our mind learns and remembers things.

Our mind works in two different modes;


One mode is about facts storing short term memory and the other long term memory.

For example: What food did you have for your last meal? You may remember that specific dish, but it's unlikely that you remember what you had in a meal a few weeks ago. 

Facts which do not have a sequence of experiences are generally stored in our short term memory and these get quickly replaced by newer facts because our short term memory is not quite large. It's pretty small.

short term memory

But, instead if you made the meal with your children and if it was a fun activity, you will remember the entire details well into the future for months.

It is because this experience is stored in the long term memory and you can bring it back in your own words.

long term memory

important notes to remember
“This is the KEY. Not memorization, but bringing it back or recalling.”

At Cuemath, every concept has an activity associated with it. Each activity is played out by the teacher and the student and allows that student to deeply understand that concept.

The Cuemath worksheets are available for students of all grades from KG - 8.

Click on your grade below to access the worksheets of the topics from the grade.

What is the Surface Area of a Cylinder? 

Most math books make you memorize the formula. At Cuemath, we help you derive it through an experience, an activity that you can recall.

math box

Let us take an example:

Take a 3D shape of the cylinder from the math box, inside this is a paper cut out of the surface area of the cylinder. We can easily convert the 3D shape to 2D shape by simply unfolding it. 

As we deconstruct the shape, we can see that the cylinder is a combination of a rectangle and two circles.

important notes to remember
Surface Area of Cylinder = Area of Rectangle + Area of Circles

It has to be noted that the length of the rectangle is the circumference of the circles that forms at the top and bottom part of the cylinder.

surface area of cylinder

The height of this rectangle is the height of the cylinder h, while the length of this rectangle is the circumference of the face of the rectangle, that is 2πr

Thus, the area of this rectangle, and hence, the curved surface area of the cylinder, is 2πrh

important notes to remember
Flat SA: 2πr2
Curved SA: 2πrh
Total SA: 2πr2 + 2πrh = 2πr (r+h)

Every concept is taught this way and once the learner has understood and experienced this concept, subsequent practice can be much more effective and progress can be much faster. 

At cuemath, the reason why we ensure this kind of learning is that in every interaction between the teacher and student is 1-1. 1-1 learning can never be replicated in a class of 20. 


We hope that you have an idea about why the cuemath method works. Visit our website to know more about our program and an efficient way of learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is Cuemath better than home tuitions?

Home tuitions focus on homework completion and exams revision, with little focus on learning something new, or going beyond what is taught in school. However, at Cuemath, we focus on building your child’s fundamentals in math. Home tuitions follow what is taught at school, while at Cuemath, the curriculum is delivered in a structured fashion – through Online worksheets and simulations. Most home tutors are not trained, whereas Cuemath teachers are carefully selected and undergo rigorous training. Unlike home tuitions that have no cap on the number of students, a Cuemath teacher enrolls only 7 to 8 students from different grades.

Which is the better: Cuemath or Kumon?

Both Cuemath and Kumon are after-school Math programs. Kumon is to learn maths by a repeated process, whereas Cuemath is to learn math by reasoning. Click here to know more about Cuemath vs Kumon.

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