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How a Tuition Teacher found new satisfaction through Cuemath?


10 December 2020

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Do you feel that you enjoy teaching kids?

Do you want to become a Cuemath teacher?

Teaching is one of the best and satisfactory careers out there. Nothing beats seeing a smile on a student's face when they successfully solve a question.

If you are thinking of joining Cuemath as a teacher and want to know some real-life examples before you join, this is the article for you.

This article covers the story of a successful Cuemath teacher Mrs Purvi Shirodariya, who changed her teaching career from a traditional tuition teacher to a successful Cuemath teacher.

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How Purvi came across Cuemath?

Mrs. Purvi Shirodariya used to work from home teaching students for many years before finding Cuemath.

She was a beloved tuition teacher for her students and was responsible for the good exam scores of many of her students. However, after teaching for many years, she felt that she needed a break.

She was fed up with tuition classes. There was so much stress.

She had to explain concepts, take care of homework, complete the syllabus and it was very monotonous for her.

Purvi’s daughter heard about Cuemath one day at her workplace and told her mother about it.

Having taught Abacus and Vedic math already, Purvi decided to sign up with Cuemath and became a teacher after going through the website.

She recounts that the direction of the program interested her and she wanted to do something different from what she was already doing.

She wanted to do something where the children can be benefited more and not just cram the concepts.

She says Cuemath is creative and the children have something new to do every day.

Purvi's Experience as a Cuemath Teacher

Purvi explains that after becoming a Cuemath teacher, she herself found the program very interesting because it started right from the basics for children.

Being an experienced teacher, who designed her own curriculum for her students earlier, she was extremely pleased with the way the Cuemath program engaged the children from the beginning.

She says that Cuemath's technology is fun to use and her familiarity with technology is increasing day by day.

When probed about her students' performances using Cuemath, Purvi exclaimed that they all love the program and eagerly wait for their scheduled classes.

She gave us an example of a student who studied on the SSC board. The SSC board is slightly easier when compared to the central board.

Initially, this student found Cuemath a little above her level and difficult. However, the great motivator that she has always been, Purvi encouraged her to continue with Cuemath to learn the concepts.

This child who used to get 30 to 35 marks in her exams, managed to obtain a wonderful 49/50 after her exercises with Cuemath! And she lost that one mark because she did an extra step! 

Another student of hers who hated math and couldn’t understand questions in the exam now has the highest marks in Math when compared to his other subjects.

Purvi explains that this is because he learned how to read and co-relate questions with concepts on his own.

The best thing about Cuemath is that the questions and puzzles bring about a thinking process in the children. Not just them, even the parents. 

Furthermore, she explains that the design of the program is one of a kind and she has noticed that the children want to read and understand the different questions on their own.

Purvi's Advice for Aspiring Cuemath Teachers

Purvi mentioned that she always gets calls from women who are also interested in becoming Cuemath teachers. She always tells them 5 things,

  •     The concept is simply amazing, you get excellent results.
  •     The affiliation is very affordable.
  •     No unnecessary payment for infrastructure
  •     Excellent support from Team Cuemath.
  •     You can work from home! That’s the best part

She says that she had fulfilling experiences because the Cuemath team’s support is fantastic.

If one puts hard work and passion, the returns are quite high and satisfactory.”

What does she do when some parents seem doubtful about Cuemath?

So far, no parent that was in her contact was doubtful. They loved the program from the start.

"In fact, one couple sends both their children to me and they aren’t very well off. But seeing their children's interest and their performances, even they are motivated to work harder and earn well for them”.

Purvi, therefore, believes that it’s not just the kids, but the entire family that collectively learns through Cuemath.

She has devised a strategy wherein she sends a puzzle every morning to her Cuemath parents’ WhatsApp group and gets collective answers by night.

“It’s nice when the parents actually spend time with the children to solve these puzzles. It means that they also see the difference in how Cuemath has made their kids love math.”

Purvi signs off by saying that being a Cuemath teacher is so much more fulfilling than being just another tuition teacher!


“Well, Cuemath has simply added more colour to my wonderful journey of motherhood!” Ramika says before signing off.

You can also add some colours to your life by joining Cuemath as a teacher.

You read the story of an inspirational teacher Mrs Ramika. You can also create such inspirational stories by becoming a Cuemath Teacher.

Cuemath provides you with flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere with handsome financial rewards.

Apply Now!

You can read all of the relevant info about being a Cuemath Teacher below: 

About Cuemath

Cuemath, student-friendly mathematics and coding platform, conducts regular Online Live Classes for academics and skill-development, and their Mental Math App, on both iOS and Android, is a one-stop solution for kids to develop multiple skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How are Cuemath Teachers trained?

All Cuemath teachers go through standard training when they join and only the applicants who successfully completed the training are allowed to start taking classes. The teachers continue to get trained on various best practices and updates after certification too

2. How to enroll as a Cuemath teacher?

Applying for Cuemath is a 3 step process. First, you should apply here. If you are shortlisted, you will be required to take the training courses by paying a fee. After completing the courses successfully, you will be certified as a Cuemath teacher.

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