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Working on his IIT dream with strong math skills

Working on his IIT dream with strong math skills

July 21, 2016

cuemath student working on his IIT dream with strong math skills

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Om Abhay is an extremely hard working student in the 9th standard who aims to study in the IIT in future. He studies in Delhi and has just started at FIITJEE. Om learnt math the Cuemath way for a year in his 8th grade. I had a chat with him about his experience with Cuemath.

“I joined Cuemath with Nancy ma’am in my 8th standard. She was our neighbour and I was one of her first students,” explains the boy.

Om informed me that Cuemath helped him improve his ability in many topics. He also told me that prior to Cuemath, he went for regular tuition classes.

“I have to compare it with the tuition classes and tell you. In tuition and school, the focus is on the course and just completing it. Cuemath is not like that. Cuemath wants to make sure that the concepts are perfectly set in our heads.”

Om believes that excelling at math comes from understanding concepts and then working on them. He believes in practising and working hard.

“Before Cuemath, I liked math, but I never found things challenging enough. I wanted to try some engaging method of learning math” Om said.

Om explained that concept building and reasoning are really important for a student to crack competitive exams with a high score.

For the FIITJEE entrance test, Om said that he didn’t exclusively prepare for the test, but was confident about it because of Cuemath.

“Initially I was a little nervous because I thought without preparing how will I crack it. But once I saw the pattern of the question paper, I got excited and I knew I would ace it.”

Om cracked the FIITJEE entrance test and couldn’t have been happier.

“It’s an interesting life at FIITJEE because the foundation I built with Cuemath helps me a lot through the topics. I think it is my math score which got me an admission!”

I asked Om what precise topics Cuemath helped him with. He replied almost instantly saying,

“Polynomials, algebra and exponents I should say. Algebra was initially difficult for me, but I built my strength in it and now I really love problems which link different data”

Om said that he also took part in one of the Cuemath quizzes and really enjoyed the experience.

“The questions were so challenging and fun” he exclaimed.

I asked him about his final thoughts on Cuemath.

“Well, my parents are happy with my performance and I completely love the program. It has made a wonderful impact on me and because of this, even my younger sister has started going for Cuemath classes.”

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