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How a young mother transformed her career to a Cuemath teacher?


1 December 2020

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Do you feel that you enjoy teaching kids?

Do you want to become a Cuemath teacher?

Teaching is one of the best and satisfactory careers out there. Nothing beats seeing a smile on a student's face when they successfully solve a question.

If you are thinking of joining Cuemath as a teacher and want to know some real-life examples before you join, this is the article for you.

This article covers the story of a successful Cuemath teacher Mrs. Rumika Julia, who transformed her career from corporate to teaching despite being overloaded with her motherly duties.

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The Journey of Ramika Before Cuemath

Ramika loves to challenge herself all the time. Being a topper in school and college wasn’t enough, so she wanted to conquer her physical capabilities too and chose the NCC Air Wing.

With her shrewdness, she got a chance to participate in the Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) and even cleared that.

The dream of becoming a pilot, however, evaded her due to medical reasons.

After completing her BSc, with the “best student of the year” title, Ramika worked as a lecturer and later for Infosys.

After a year and a half in Infosys, she worked with AMDOCS in Pune for 8 years.

She got the opportunity to work for a client based in Finland and spent a year abroad. After returning from Finland, she got promoted to a Group Leader.

So how did someone with so many achievements and experiences decide to become a Cuemath teacher?

Why did Ramika decide to Join Cuemath?

When her son was born, she wanted to dedicate herself to him and his development.

She was in a different phase then, away from the professional life, close to her baby and she cherished every minute of it.

Ramika enjoyed spending time with her son but once he started growing up, she realized that she needed to do something to fill some of her time. But how?

She couldn’t even think of looking for a full-time job. Her son was very attached to her.

That’s when she decided that she wanted to try teaching. However, she shrugged off the idea of teaching in a school since schools demanded hours.

Then one day, Ramika came across Cuemath on Facebook and felt that it fits her necessity.

"Cuemath didn’t ask for a B.Ed degree and it seemed like an apt platform for me” she said.

Ramika wanted to do something at home which would be flexible and provide her with job satisfaction.

She felt that the Cuemath program was designed well and did not enquire about other available programs and tuition classes.

She went ahead and signed up as a Cuemath teacher.

“I was actually quite confident about it, even though my marketing and networking skills at that time were zero.”

“The initial support from Cuemath was just fantastic. Everything was well organized and I work really well in organized environments! I had the feeling of working with an MNC”

Ramika explains that the personalized support, initial hand-holding, etc. gave her good momentum and in no time she had her batches full.

All her inhibitions went away when Cuemath came into her life. She says she is doing a lot of new things now.”

Ramika thinks that because of her association with Cuemath, she is now famous in her society.

Initially, she had to go out and speak about Cuemath but now she just needs to manage her students and look at new inquiries.

“At the end of the day I feel great because I’m on my own, I’m my own boss and I’m helping children.”

She explains that two of her students were average scorers but after joining Cuemath, they’ve started scoring in the 90s.

One parent called Ramika to say that her grade 4 daughter disliked math a lot and had no interest in it.

After a Cuemath Benchmark Test, the child was enrolled with Cuemath and now she looks forward to her classes and told her one-day “Ma’am, now I like math!”

Ramika explains that Cuemath is not a simple partnership, it’s a revolution.

She says that one does not work in isolation but will feel like part of a big family.

important notes to remember
“Cuemath has empowered mothers like me to do things. They understand the ground reality and come up with ideas that can be easily implemented by young mothers.”

Ramika further stresses the fact that the teaching training takes place at very convenient times, usually when her children are asleep and from the comfort of the teacher's homes.

What do parents look at when selecting a program?

Most parents tell her that they want more practice for their children, or deep learning, or just marks.

Cuemath classes cover math end to end and not as a subject. It engages the child and teaches logically.

So ultimately Cuemath helps the child gear up for the future!


“Well, Cuemath has simply added more color to my wonderful journey of motherhood!” Ramika says before signing off.

You can also add some colors to your life by joining Cuemath as a teacher.

You read the story of an inspirational teacher Mrs. Ramika. You can also create such inspirational stories by becoming a Cuemath Teacher.

Cuemath provides you flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere with handsome financial rewards.

Apply Now!

You can read all of the relevant info about being a Cuemath Teacher below: 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How are Cuemath Teachers trained?

All Cuemath teachers go through standard training when they join and only the applicants who successfully completed the training are allowed to start taking classes. The teachers continue to get trained on various best practices and updates after certification too

2. How to enroll as a Cuemath teacher?

Applying for Cuemath is a 3 step process. First, you should apply here. If you are shortlisted, you will be required to take the training courses by paying a fee. After completing the courses successfully, you will be certified as a Cuemath teacher.

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