Ways your child can relax and focus on being all-rounder?


Jan 20, 2021

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Kid who is multitasking

It’s very natural for parents today to feel pressurised into enrolling their children in a lot of activities. This pressure has been a part of society for so long that over time, parents plan these extra classes right from primary school.

There are two main reasons why parents do this:

  1. Their children might be missing out on what other children are learning.

  2. Parents want their children to have access to opportunities that they didn’t have as children.

Thus, in the process of building a bright future, a lot of parents include various extra-curricular activities to build their child’s resume from a young age.

However, with so many extra classes lined up, parents have no idea about the pressure and stress that their children go through. Most children love to learn something new and would seem excited at first. As parents, we should be able to guide them and make sure that they have a sound mind and heart amidst all they become a part of.

According to Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D., a developmental and clinical psychologist, “Creativity is making something out of nothing and that takes time to happen.” Children who get involved in too many things don’t have the room for creativity in their minds.

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Ways your child can relax and focus on being an all-rounder

Here are a few things you can do to help your child find their passion and grow holistically:

–     It is always better to look for activities that build a strong foundation for your child. For example, an English writing class, a holistic math class, a music class, etc. will help your child in the future in a lot of ways.

–     Ensure that your child gets physical exercise every day. This does not necessarily have to be in the form of sports coaching, but playing interesting games with their friends will refresh them. After all, that’s how you spent your time after school too, isn’t it?

–     Give your child an hour or two every day to do something they love. This can include reading, painting, music, etc. This way, they will become creative and they will also learn how to make use of their free time to be productive. This is a very important skill to imbibe.

–     Get in touch with your child’s teachers to understand what is best for your child. These teachers see what your child does all through the day and will know exactly where to nurture their interest.

        Even Bill Gates attributes his success to the fact that his school librarian helped him nurture his love for reading by sharing good books with him. Today, he reads around fifty books in a year.

–     Ensure that your child has the freedom to give you their inputs as well while you plan extra classes for them. For example, if you want your child to learn karate but they are more interested in learning to play the flute, find a balance between the two.

–     Ask your children for feedback on their classes. Most children would not have the courage to voice their dislike for a certain class. This fear of letting you down will create unnecessary stress in them.

–     Most importantly, teach your child to relax.

Family-time and good rest are important for your child in their developing years. Granted that it’s a tough competitive world for them to grow up in, but the whole point of going for extra classes is to learn something.

Too many responsibilities can build up stress in them and hamper their learning process throughout their lives.

 Tips to Raise Well-Rounded, Smart, and Successful Kids

1. Become Your Little One’s Strongest Support System

Father helps his son who is doing homework

Assemble a favorable climate at home for your youngster to courageously investigate his inclinations.

Your kid should feel sure about his capacities, his aspirations, and the majority of all, develop to comprehend the best approach to get himself regardless of whether he has fizzled.

2. Let Your Kid Find His Own Identity

kid who is confident

Start early – directly since early on, let him investigate different decisions and interests all alone, given that they are age-suitable and safe.

Try not to confine your youngster from stepping into exercises which are customarily sexual orientation explicit.

A kid can like a lot of more regrettable things than the shading pink! Try to avoid panicking and stay persistent as he explores and comprehends what he appreciates and can relate to best.

3. Applaud Efforts, Not Abilities

Parent who is happy and encouraging the child

At the point when you acclaim your youngster's devotion and his endeavors in achieving something, rather than his natural ability, it gives him the feeling that as long as he buckles down towards what he needs, he can accomplish that objective.

Regardless of whether he has a characteristic capacity for it gets irrelevant to him, as he will invest in extra hours and amounts of energy whenever required.

4. Keep His Curiosity Alive

Kid who is curios

Children are everlastingly pondering about the how's and what's of their general surroundings.

Never let this awesome quality die down, as it empowers learning and makes for incredible educating openings.

Try not to excuse his inquiries or shush him; all things considered, answer him consciously, or ask his assessment on his opinion – and slip in an exercise or two, if conceivable!

5. Understand Different Learning Styles

kid who is understanding different styles

Few out of every odd youngster has a photographic memory; neither can they all take to parts the absolute first time.

Children have distinctive learning styles and keeping in mind that it's hard for educators to zero in on every kid in school, you can reconsider your youngster's exercises with him in a style that suits him.

Regardless of whether visual, hear-able, or material procedures, or a blend of the three, you'll see that your kid looks into the learning cycle once he's ready to identify with it!


This blog mainly talks about how your kid can manage everything and not go under stress and be sucsseful by different ways. And its also important that parents give their complete support their kids to make them successful.

5 Best-Kept Secrets Of An All-Rounder!

  • Play
  • Taste success
  • Concepts, not chapters
  • Let go
  • Work hard

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my child all rounder?

A well-rounded child is one who thinks for him- or herself, who is secure in his or her decisions and has a developing sense of who he or she is and where he or she fits in the world.

 Well-balanced kids should have a combination of classroom skills and good behavior, responsibility and work habits.

How can I help my child manage stress?

  • Notice out loud. Tell your child when you notice that something's bothering him or her.
  • Listen to your child.
  • Comment briefly on the feelings you think your child was experiencing.
  • Put a label on it.
  • Help your child think of things to do.
  • Listen and move on.
  • Limit stress where possible.
  • Just be there.

How do you manage excessive stress?

  • Exercise. Working out regularly is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. 
  • Relax Your Muscles. When you're stressed, your muscles get tense.
  • Deep Breathing.
  • Eat Well. 
  • Slow Down.
  • Take a Break.

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