Cuemath is a beyond-school math excellence program that builds a strong math foundation in children by exposing them to three different kinds of mathematics.

The Math of Concepts
The Math of Aptitude
The Math of Reasoning

The Math Of Concepts

Cuemath curriculum builds on the best of the existing curricula of CBSE, ICSE, and various State Boards, along with learning standards from the US Common Core, UK National and Singapore National curricula.

This is delivered through specially crafted workbooks that encourage active learning in children by helping them explore and solve problems independently.

The Math of Aptitude

Beyond the traditional math skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, the Math of Aptitude is designed to sharpen mental math in children. These exercises enhance children’s ability to solve problems by evaluating situations and drawing conclusions from the set of information provided to them.

This domain is structured as a series of game-like tab based exercises that children have to master while increasing their acuracy and proficiency in the process.

The Math of Reasoning

The Math of Reasoning, delivered through carefully designed math puzzles, enables children to make use of all the other math skills they have. These puzzles help children learn how to interpret data regardless of the format it is presented in.

Children are assigned a puzzle card each at the end of their Cuemath sessions and are encouraged to work on them collaboratively with friends, parents, and siblings.

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