5 AMAZING ways you can help your child be the next topper.

Written by Isha Chakraborty


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Revision tests?   CHECK.

Timed practice tests?  CHECK.

Previous year test?  CHECK.

5 more amazing ways to become the next topper?

Being a parent is not a walk in the park, especially if your child is aiming for that next gold medal in the International Math Olympiad or even for that top rank in their school. To ensure your child constantly keeps up the efforts to challenge themselves and stay focused on their end goal, you as parents play a very integral role.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘study smart, not hard’ and this does prove to be one of the best ways to achieve and hit the academic milestones your child has set for themselves. However,  while aiming to get to the top, many students in the competition miss out on strengthening basic foundational level concepts. Eventually, they end up mugging concepts to achieve their desired levels. However, this practice is only temporary and will not do them much good in the longer run. 

Here are 5 AMAZING ways you can help your child be the next TOPPER:

Make sure they catch up on their ZZZ’s:

Sleep plays a very important role in a child’s life, especially for school going children. It’s been proven time again that well-rested students tend to be more alert and retain information better. While it’s important your child gets at least 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis throughout the year, it becomes far more important when they have a big exam or an important school year coming around.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, children aged 6-13 years require at least 9-11 hours of sleep daily, whereas older children, mainly teenagers, need at least 8-10 hours of sleep daily. 

Make sure you ‘FEED’ his brain too:

You may think giving your child convenient energy foods that are easy to eat and quick to make is a good idea. However, such meals are anything but balanced and can eventually affect your child’s mental and physical health.
To ensure your child gets the much needed ‘brain power’ to top their school and more, incorporate super-foods, or brain food into their diet plan. Make sure your child’s diet contains:

  • Salmon,essential for your child’s brain growth and function.
  • Zinc and Iron, to boost cognitive abilities and attention 
  • Nuts, to ensure your champ’s brain is always super powered 
  • Whole grains, to improve memory cognition and auditory attention
Praising is a good thing:

Let’s be honest, your child is achieving their goals and heading towards that gold medal one day at a time. However, sometimes all your child needs are a few words of encouragement. Support your child, and watch how their confidence soars. Nagging your child to study, or making them feel bad for not putting in enough efforts, or falling short by a few marks is only going to make them feel disheartened and destroy their confidence and motivation.

Remind your child about the importance of studying-not to meet your expectations but to be better prepared for future. 

Mom, Remain calm:

Preparing your child to help them achieve great feats academically is stressful on both the parent and the child. In stressful situations, the anxiety you feel can also have an effect on your child without you realising it.

Ensure that you remain as calm as possible during your child’s exam and when they head out to achieve their academic feats. 

Seek help from an expert:

Your child’s teacher or tutor is your child’s best guide when it comes to topping their school exams and more. Have a discussion with your child’s guide to understand their progress, where they need to work on and how they’re doing academically. 

How can Cuemath help your child become the next topper?

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  1. Get ahead of their peers by solidifying mathematical concepts from the previous grades. 
  2. Practice questions in test like conditions to be more prepared for their exams.
  3. Win the International Math Olympiad by getting accustomed to the question pattern.
  4. Ace the final exams with a solid foundation and clear conceptual understanding. 

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