The future is in the WHY of math!

Written by Isha Chakraborty


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“As long as a skill is a WHAT skill, it will soon be made obsolete by AI.”

Our world is progressing towards Artificial Intelligence (AI), and by the time today’s children join the workforce, the jobs that require critical thinking skills and complex problem-solving skills will be of utmost value.  

Manan Khurma, founder of Cuemath, believes that math is a life skill that can help your child succeed in an AI driven future. Watch his TEDx talk on why math needs to be taught beyond the school blackboards:

“If today’s students want to compete in this global society, they must be proficient communicators, creators, critical thinkers, and collaborators (the “Four Cs”).”

The National Education Association

Children today need to learn by reasoning not by rote. We need to replace the blackboard way of learning with the reasoning way of learning, where knowing the WHY is more important than the WHAT.

In a Cuemath class, children think multiplication problems as repeated addition; they are encouraged to visualize problems and inspiring more solutions to a single math problem.

To know more about how Cuemath changes the way your child learns and understands math:

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May I know the fee structure .

It is very good to learning nd practice math.
Students learn new things with the help of ceumath.
Every Child experienced by the ceumath in maths.
I like it very much.

Wat is d age to b start with dis?

Dr Meenu Singh Raizada

My self retired as Director from Govt. can be resident blogger n content writer or do planning by providing skillful knowledge for maths because of teaching experience of 38 years
Hope to hear from you soon
Dr.MeenuSingh Raizada

Olympiad program helps me in solving every sum thanks cuemath

Olympiad program helps me in solving every sum of math thanks cuemath

Thanks for your valuable feedback! Keep spreading awareness.

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