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Our Math curriculum for grades K-2 is designed to help students:
Curriculum that helps students:
Develop a visual understanding of numbers using the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach.
Build a solid foundation to master the four arithmetic operations, fractions, & decimals which are introduced in later grades.
Understand the relevance of standard units of measurement.
Build an intuitive idea of plane and solid shapes by relating to real life objects.
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Over 20,000 Parents love
Cuemath’s Math-TechTM
“ Cuemath provides a platform where kids can learn to think beyond the school syllabus through interactive tools, simulations & more. It excites kids to learn math and grow logical ”
Geethika Luthra
“ Cuemath is a valuable addition to our family. We love solving the puzzle cards. My daughter is now visualizing maths and solving problems effectively! ”
Gary Schwartz
Hannah’s dad
“ Personal attention from the Cuemath tutor works well. The variety of problems presented, and the teacher's guidance towards solutions has helped challenge my son to think logically, on his own. ”
Mamta Sinha
Ishaan's mom
Meet our Math experts
Teachers at Cuemath do not tell the answers, they simply CUE the students in the right direction, helping kids discover Math concepts on their own.
I believe in the philosophy of Math is a life skill.
Pooja Jain
M.Com, MBA
I try to make learning Math an enjoyable experience.
Vivek Mehta
B.Tech, IT
I believe in the philosophy of Math is a life skill.
Pooja Jain
M.Com, MBA
I try to make learning Math an enjoyable experience.
Vivek Mehta
B.Tech, IT
I feel math is just not a subject but a life skill.
Sapna Golani
Mumbai University, B.Com


How does Cuemath help a student who hates math?
There can be many reasons as to why a child ends up hating math - a child’s fundamentals may not be strong, or the child has become disinterested in math because of the way it is taught at school or tuition centers. At Cuemath, the approach towards learning math is very different. We focus on building the fundamentals of math in a fun way to ensure even a child who has given up on math actually starts enjoying it - and becomes great at it.
Will my child do better in exams after Cuemath?
In most cases, students can remember all the exercises and score well in exams. Though scoring high marks in exams is a short-term goal, at Cuemath, we build life skills. We focus on learning and building strong fundamentals. We believe that if the concepts are strong, scoring good marks in exams is bound to happen.
Why should I enroll my child in Cuemath when I want him/her to focus on other activities?
Cuemath classes don't feel like an additional academic burden. It is designed to keep children engaged with Math activities and puzzles that make them fall in love with math without putting any pressure on your child. Learn more aboutWhy should I enroll in Cuemath.
How much is Cuemath's fee and is it the same for all grades?
Cuemath's fee is not the same for all the grades. Cuemath's program fee is based on the city of residence and is designed in a way to offer the maximum value while covering all costs of applicable taxes and learning resources like learning apps & more. Click here to know aboutCuemath's Fee Structure.
What is the difference between Cuemath and other math classes?
There are many after school math learning programs in the market. Here are some of the reason why Cuemath is better: Cuemath vs Other Math Programs