Cuemath is an after-school math excellence program that helps children build a strong math foundation by exposing them to three different domains of mathematics.

The Math of Concepts
The Math of Aptitude
The Math of Reasoning

The Math Of Concepts

Cuemath has developed an independent curriculum. It also draws from the learning standards across CBSE, ICSE, and boards of various states, along with the US Common Core, UK National, and Singapore National curricula.

We have specially crafted workbooks that encourage active learning by helping children examine and solve problems independently.

The Math of Aptitude

The Math of Aptitude is designed to sharpen mental math using a series of game-like tab based exercises.

These exercises enhance children’s ability to solve problems by evaluating situations and drawing conclusions from the provided information; and, in the process, increase their accuracy and proficiency.

The Math of Reasoning

The Math of Reasoning, delivered through carefully designed puzzle cards, encourages children to think out-of-the-box and find creative solutions to various challenges.

A child is assigned a puzzle card at the end of his/her Cuemath session and is encouraged to work on it collaboratively with friends, parents, and siblings.

How to study Maths the fun way?

Math is a subject that requires immense mathematical thinking and understanding of a lot of formulas, while it’s right, did you know your child can learn Math in a way that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom?

At Cuemath, we believe math answers almost every question in the world. Math is in the way you cook, in the way you drive and all around us. We help your child learn Math in a way that helps them find their math answers by understanding the application in everyday life.

Our curriculum, inspired by some of the top curriculums from all over the world, is designed to help your child understand the logic behind the ‘Why’ while asking the ‘What,’. Our workbooks, tab exercises, and math puzzles help children visualize math problems and create mental models to solve them; this induces them to creatively solve problems and find innovative solutions thus induce mathematical thinking in your child.

Our learning system is created in a way that would help your child learn Math smoothly and fluidly, breaking away from the practice of rote learning taught in schools. We give your child a way to look at Math differently, visualizing concepts and finding logical solutions to the problems. Our curriculum consists of workbooks, puzzle cards and tab exercises that ensure your child gets the most out of their sessions with us. The workbooks are designed to help your child find different solutions to a math problem. The puzzle cards help your child visualize tricky math problems and find innovative solutions to it, whereas the tab exercises take your child on an immersive story experience that motivates them to have fun while reasoning.

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