Online Math Olympiad
Preparatory Course

Math Olympiad brings a fresh perspective towards mathematics, promotes logical reasoning, application of math concepts in relevant societal context.
Interactive Question Bank with Instant Feedback
InBuilt Video Explanations and Question Solutions
Mock Test with detailed report and analysis

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Cuemath Math Olympiad Interactive Preparatory Course

Interactive Question Bank
Topic-wise question bank with Text Solutions
Video Solutions
Question bank comes with Video Explanations
Concept Video
Concept Explanation for deeper understanding (launching soon)
Mock Tests
4 full-length model test with detailed report
Instant Evaluation
Get evaluation with hints and Solutions instantly
Progress Notifications
Topic-wise Mastery Certificates and Badges to highlight course achievements and progress.
Report and Analysis
Topic-wise detailed Report and Analysis at the end of each exam.
Topic Revision
Unlimited attempt worksheets. Review earlier attempted worksheets for quick revision
Builds critical thinking. Provides practice Logical,Verbal, Visual and Mathematical Reasoning.

International Math Olympiad(IMO) Course Structure

Mental Aptitude :

This section promotes logical reasoning and out the box thinking.

School Math :

  • Conceptual understanding: This section helps students’ understand misconceptions in the foundational concepts.
  • Mathematical Application: This section requires students to apply grade-appropriate math concepts to solve problems.

Math Olympiad Preparatory Course Organization

Math Olympiad Course is broken into chapters and each chapter is broken into a set of Goals. Each Goal is an interactive worksheet with text and video solutions designed for Mastery of concept. As Students progress, we give topicwise Mastery Certificates and Badges to highlight course achievements and progress.

Math Olympiad Preparatory Course Design and Philosophy

This course follows the Cuemath method of active learning. Questions are not just drill-type practice questions but cover a range of formats including picture-based and reasoning-based questions and School Math. Each Question has a text solution. Each format type of question has video explanations.

Math Olympiad Preparatory Course Planning for Student

It is best to complete about 1 to 2 worksheets in each sitting of 45 to 60 min. Practising regularly 2 to 3 times a week will ensure students master all the topics over the course of 90 days to 120 days.