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Math is not just learning formulae. It is problem-solving

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Cuemath is India's No. 1 Math Program for KG-10

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are solving puzzles helping my child?
Puzzles activate the analytical side of the brain and the imaginative side simultaneously, making the problem-solving activity a literal brain-building activity. Kids who learn by solving puzzles can connect concepts and think critically.
How frequently will I get the puzzles? Will I get solutions as well?
You will receive 1 puzzle a day. The way math is taught at Cuemath, kids are encouraged to think out of the box so there aren’t any 1 right answers. There can be many. The trick is to reason the answer. So the sake of the puzzle an answer will be made available, but it is important to cue the child to discover the answer for themselves rather than just give the answer.
What can I expect my child to achieve?
Our puzzles are designed to help children think algorithmically and focus on problem-solving. So you’ll see that they get better at comprehension, can communicate more clearly, and approach all situations in a logical manner.