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Explore the world of Coding

It will help you get job-ready.
Coding will help children develop the skills of computation and logical thinking.
You will get better at related academic fields.
Why should one learn coding?
Main Features
How will learning to code will help your child?

Why should one learn coding?

Math is a life skill. It is a way of thinking and problem-solving. These are skills needed for the future as documented by numerous studies including WEF (The world economic forum).With an active learning approach, we have ensured that children develop the right mathematical mindset.There is another skill which is complementary to mathematical thinking. That skill is computational thinking is much more than just knowing how to code, though coding is a very relevant context to imbibe computational thinking. At the core, both mathematical and computational thinking help individuals think quantitatively, apply logic and reasoning and in the end, make better decisions.For children, learning to code is an enjoyable exercise. This summer let your children explore coding. Help them experience the joy of building things from scratch using technology.

3 Main Feature’s

  • Learn concepts of Binary system, encryption, sorting algorithm and More.
  • Focused on block-based coding.
  • Exposure to introductory aspects of coding.

How will learning to code will help your child?

  • They will learn the basics of programming
  • Children will develop problem-solving skills.
  • They will start thinking like a computer scientist.
  • They will become more aware of the gadgets around them.
  • They will learn to appreciate technology and not just be a passive consumer of the same.

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Cuemath Modern technology is very impressive..

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It was awesome experience with Cuemath, teacher and members are so good and they are always available for student.

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Veda is enjoying her class and is excited to attend the next one. The teacher is explaining everything clearly and nicely. Veda loves the puzzle card because they are interesting and not too hard or too easy 😉😊😁

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you introduce kids to coding?
Kids can begin learning on any open-source platform. There are also books and online courses available for beginners or for people who want to learn a specific language. Institutes also offer full-time courses on coding.
What is the best programming language to teach a kid?
The language to learn would depend on the age of the kid for example, children in the age group of 5-10 can begin with Blockly, Scratch. Here the emphasis is not on syntax. For children who are 11+ they can begin with Python, Java, Javascript etc.
What is the best age to learn to code?
The earlier one starts the better it is. One can begin as early as 5 years of age.
Why every child should learn to code?
Coding is a skill of present and future. Jobs that can be replaced by computers will become obsolete. Jobs that require programming the computers and building new programs will thrive and sustain.
Do you have to be good at math to code?
Not necessarily, as problem-solving comes by itself. Learning both simultaneously will compliment each other.
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