Fun Math Activities

Explore the fun side of Mathematics
It will help develop an interest in Mathematics.
They will apply the already acquired knowledge to arrive at the solutions
Activities will help them collaborate and brainstorm.
Combating summer learning loss through fun math activities
Main Features
How will fun math activities lead to better performance?
Combating summer learning loss through fun math activities

This summer, let your children experience the joy of learning Math in a fun way.In Cuemath's summer program children will get to explore the fun side of Mathematics through puzzles, games and mini-projects.Puzzles like sudoku, ken-ken, Futhoshiki, Tic-Tac-Toe will help apply the rules of arithmetic operations. They will help children build some strategy to arrive at the solution. These puzzles will develop a strategy-oriented mindset in children. Mini projects like budgeting, poster making will help children develop interpersonal skills. These projects require collaboration and creativity. Ensuring that children understand that collaboration is crucial in the long run. Games like crosswords, word jumble and slitherlink will nurture the need for speed and accuracy in children. Summer is the time when children are off academics, but it is the best time to experience the fun aspect of it.
3 Main Feature’s

  • The activities are a bunch of puzzles, games and craft-work.
  • Children will spend 30 minutes of their class time in exploring and solving.
  • The activities are math-based and require the children to apply their previously acquired knowledge.
How will fun math activities lead to better performance?

The summer camp activities like puzzles, games, craftwork are all aimed at developing non-academic skills. Skills like communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, etc. These skills go a long way in ensuring overall development of personality.
  • Summers are the time when kids can get a headstart in school by learning a few concepts before the school begins. It’s an excellent time to bridge academic gaps. Topics which need extra practice or revision can be covered during the summer break.
  • The activities require the children to apply their previously acquired knowledge to solve the puzzles. It will help build interest as the activities are non-academic.

Cuemath Parents Reviews

Anshu teacher is excellent. Takes time to explain and make sure my daughter understand before moving forward. I highly recommend him.

Cuemath Tuition Tutor

My son love his teacher she is very nice whenever he need help we can always contact her she always give me his update and make sure he understand what he doing. She is the best.

Cuemath Tuition Tutor

We really like that cue math was flexible and accommodated our specific needs for our child . We like the class structure , teacher and the platform.

Cuemath Tuition Tutor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep students engaged in math?
To keep the students engaged use math learning aids. Learning aids like shapes, counters, lego blocks. You can buy these from an online portal. Ensure that students also learn according to their pace. They must not feel too overwhelmed or underconfident while solving.
How do you teach math activities?
Math activities can be taught through manipulatives and learning aids.
What are the math activities for preschoolers?
Preschoolers can perform activities on counting using counters. They can learn about shapes using pattern blocks. They can learn about comparing sizes, lengths and quantities using real-life objects.