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Find certified math tutors in Madurai near your home. Help your child excel at math in school and beyond.

We prepare your child for the real world, going beyond the blackboard syllabus taught to your child in schools

We help your child excel in math by enhancing his or her mathematical thinking skills

3 out of 4 Cuemath students who attempted the Math Olympiad 2017 secured the TOP ranks in their schools

Testimonials from parents in Madurai

‘The Cuemath program is very interesting, it helps me understand all the difficult problems taught in school in a very easy way.’


‘The fear of math is real, because I have seen Suraj face it all through her life, up until she joined Cuemath. Cuemath helped her break the toughest of subjects in fragments which made it easy for her to understand and study.’

Suraj’s mother

‘The Cuemath workbook helps me understand math concepts very easily. The puzzle cards are challenging and exciting as well. I love solving them all and enjoy my Cuemath classes thoroughly.’

Pradyun Neogi


Cuemath helps children from KG-10th grade
foster Mathematical thinking for lifelong success

Cuemath helps children from KG-10th grade foster mathematical thinking for lifelong success

The Cuemath curriculum, designed by alumni from IITs and Cambridge University, draws from the best learning standards across CBSE, ICSE, and boards of various states, along with the US Common Core, UK National, and Singapore National Curricula.


Math worksheets designed to develop critical thinking

Math Box

Math learning tools to help children visualise math problems

Tab Exercises

Math games designed to help children build speed and accuracy

Puzzle Cards

Math puzzles to develop creative reasoning

How is education like in Madurai?

Madurai is the third largest city in Tamil Nadu and the 25th most populated city in India. The city boasts of some of education and culture at every nook and corner of the city. All three assemblies of the Tamil language, the Tamil Sangam were said to have been held at Madurai. The American College is the oldest college in Madurai and was established in 1881 by American Christian missionaries. The Lady Doak college is the oldest women's college in Madurai. Thiagarajar College, Madurai College, Fatima College and M.S.S.Wakf Board College are among the oldest educational institutions of the city. Madurai Kamaraj University is a state-run university which has 109 affiliated arts and science colleges in Madurai and neighboring districts. Parents in Madurai want the best beyond the school tutoring service for their child to bridge the gap created by the general blackboard education system. Cuemath helps you find some of the best home tutors in Madurai right from the comforts of your own home. We handpick and train all our teachers and make sure your child gets the best math lessons from the best home tutors!

How Cuemath works?

Cuemath is a beyond the school Math program that helps children enhance their math abilities so that they can excel in life and math. The Cuemath program consists of visual aids that let your child understand math concepts, their basics and how certain formulas are derived and formulated. Our syllabus is designed to help your child understand the logic behind the ‘Why’ while asking the ‘What,.’ Our workbooks, tab exercises, and math puzzles help children visualize math problems and create mental models to solve them; this induces them to creatively solve problems and find innovative solutions thus enhance the essential life skill of mathematical thinking in your child. Finding a home tutor for your child in your locality has never been easier than this. All you have to do is sign up for the website and select the locality you’re looking for a home tutor in. Cuemath has a database of over 3000+ home tutors ready to teach your child the essence of Math thinking. Once you select your locality, you can proceed to book a free demo session with the home tutor of your choice to know more about the Cuemath way of learning.

Why Cuemath?

Cuemath braces your child for the real world, by teaching them math problems in a way that has practical relevance for the real world. We make your child fall in love with math by showing them the fun side of the subject. Cuemath students have shown a positive increase in their math aptitude skills, by a percentage of 82%.

Classes we teach at Cuemath

CBSE (KG-8) ICSE (KG-8) State Boards (KG-8) International Boards (KG-8)