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Expert Math Tutors in

Bus Stand Road, Ludhiana
Face-to-face maths tutoring near you with online worksheets, visual learning and more!
    Expert Math Tutors in

    Bus Stand Road, Ludhiana
    Face-to-face maths tutoring near you with online worksheets, visual learning and more!
      Cuemath teachers in Bus Stand Road
      Model Gram
      Richa Kalsi
      In Cuemath Since: 2019
      Civil Lines
      Ankita Jain
      B.Tech in Engineering
      In Cuemath Since: 2021
      Beri Colony
      Amandeep Kaur
      C. A (Final part 1 )
      In Cuemath Since: 2018
      Baba Deep Singh Nagar
      Amandeep Kaur Pahwa
      Management of business administration in Finance & Marketing
      In Cuemath Since: 2016
      Barewal Awana
      Hina Jain
      master's of business administration in finance
      In Cuemath Since: 2016
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      Why Cuemath Classroom just works!
      Face-to-face interaction
      Children enjoy instant feedback, higher supervision and support with their teachers with reduced screen time
      Concept based learning
      Powerful learning platform that combines simulations, worksheets, puzzles to help excel at maths
      Mapped to school syllabus
      Perfectly in sync with school homework, exams with added practice
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      How is Cuemath Classroom different from online classes?
      Cuemath Classroom is a Math learning program where classes are conducted face-to-face (offline) with our expert teachers for a duration of one hour twice a week. We utilize our tech-enabled curriculum to personalize the learning for every student based on their Math needs and record their progress. Cuemath Classroom aims at solving the problems of focus & attention, writing practice, and quality screen time for the students, in small groups near your home. The written work in Cuemath Notebooks ensures structured practice and encourages peer learning.
      Does Cuemath Classroom offer all the programs of online classes as well?
      Yes, all programs offered for online classes are the same for offline too.
      Can my child attend online classes if he/she is a student of Cuemath Classroom?
      Yes, you can attend online classes even if you are a Cuemath Classroom student, but this is only applicable in an emergency, for a limited number of classes. A student will have to revert to face-to-face classes later.
      Can my child switch to online classes later if required?
      Yes, they can.