Numbers and Place Values

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Introduction to Numbers and Place Value

Numbers and place value are dependent concepts. Place value is important to quantify the numbers. The place value system allows us to create as many numbers as we want from just 10 unique digits. For example, taking if people just used digits randomly without knowing, it’s magnitude the numbers won’t carry any meaning.  You need place value to understand the order of numbers as well. If one says I have ₹516 and the other says I have ₹619 a comparison of these amounts wouldn’t have been possible without knowing the place value of the numbers.

The Big Idea

At Cuemath the concept of place values begins in Grade 1. The child learns about tens and ones. Eventually with each passing grade the child keeps learning about higher place values like millions, billions. By Grade 6 the child is given enough practice on understanding the place Values. The subtopics covered under this topic are place name, place value, and face value of digits, expansion of numbers, predecessor and successor, skip counting, comparison and ordering of numbers, rounding off and estimation of numbers. 

How do I understand?

Place value can be best introduced through abacus or base-10 blocks. To begin with base-10 blocks work the best. It helps visualise the largeness and smallness of numbers. As the place values keep getting bigger the abacus would help strengthen the understanding of this concept. 

Sub Topics

Here are a few links that will take you through the journey that every Cuemath students undertakes in the pursuit of understanding Numbers and Place Values along with practice worksheets:  

  1. Numbers up to 2 digits
  2. Numbers up to 3 digits
  3. Numbers up to 4 digits
  4. Numbers up to 5 digits
  5. Numbers up to 6 digits
  6. Numbers up to 7 digits
  7. Numbers up to 8 digits
  8. Numbers up to 9 digits
  9. Numbers up to 10 digits
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