Right Circular Cylinder Basics

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The following figure shows a right circular cylinder:

Circular cross-section of cylinder


Note that the cross-section of a right circular cylinder is a circle, and the axis of the cylinder is perpendicular to the base.

Below is an example of a right cylinder which is not circular (the cross-section is not a circle):

Non-circular cross-section of cylinder


Below is an example of a circular cylinder which is not right (the cross-section is circular, but the axis is not perpendicular to the base):

Cylinder, not perpendicular to base  

From now on, we will only discuss right circular cylinders, and refer to them as simply cylinders. Observe that a cylinder’s dimensions can be specified by two parameters: the radius r of the flat face (or the base), and its height h, as shown below.

Cylinder perpendicular to base

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