Exercise 14.1 Statistics NCERT Solutions Class 9

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Chapter 14 Ex.14.1 Question 1

Give five examples of data that you can collect from your day to day life.


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Think of data we can collect in our day to day life, in and around where we live

  1. Number of houses that own a four-wheeler in our housing society.
  2. Monthly grocery expenses of our family.
  3. Number of people who have used e-services of the state govt over a year.
  4. Number of students who have enrolled for math Olympiad in your class.
  5. Population increase in percentage over the past five years in our city.

Chapter 14 Ex.14.1 Question 2

Identify the data in \(14.1(1)\) above as primary or secondary.


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Think how have you collected the data:

  1. Did you collect the data all by yourself investigating around? If yes, primary.
  2. Did you obtain the data from a source where the information has been stored already? If yes, secondary.


Based on the observation, data in \(2, 4\) are primary and the data in \(1, 3\) and \(5\) are secondary.

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