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Is zero a rational number? Can you write it in the form \(\begin{align}\frac{p}{q}\end{align}\) where \(\begin{align}p \end{align}\) and \(\begin{align}q \end{align}\) are integers and \(\begin{align}q \ne 0\end{align}\)?

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Yes, zero is a rational number.

Zero can be written as: \(\begin{align}\frac{0}{{{\rm{Any}}\,{\rm{non - zero}}\,{\rm{integer}}}}\end{align}\)

\(\begin{align}\text{Example}:\frac{0}{1} = \frac{0}{{ - 2}}\,\,\end{align}\)

Which is in the form of \(\begin{align}\frac{p}{q}\end{align}\), where \(\begin{align}p \end{align}\) and \(\begin{align}q \end{align}\) are integers and \(\begin{align}q \ne 0\end{align}\).

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