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Express each number as a product of its prime factors:

(i) \(140\)    (ii) \(156\)    (iii) \(3825 \)   (iv) \(5005\)    (v) \(7429\)

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Real Numbers
Ex 1.2 | Question 1

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What is known?

A number.

What is unknown?

The expression of the given number as a product of its prime factors.


Find the prime factors of the given numbers by prime factorisation method and then multiply the obtained prime numbers to get the product of the prime numbers.


(i) \(140\)

Prime factors of \(140\)

\[\begin{align}&=2,\;2,\;5,\;7 \\&={{2}^{2}}\times 5\times 7\end{align}\]

(ii) \(156\)

Prime factors of \(156\)

\[\begin{align}&=2\times 2\times 3\times 13 \\ &={{2}^{2}}\times 3\times 13 \end{align}\]

(iii) \(3825\)

Prime factors of \(3825\)

\[\begin{align}&=3\times 3\times 5\times 5\times 17 \\ &={{3}^{2}}\times {{5}^{2}}\times 17\end{align}\]

(iv) \(5005\)

Prime factors of \(5005\)

\[=5\times7\times11\times 13\]

(v) \(7429\)

Prime factors of \(7429\)

\[=17\times 19\times 23\]

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