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Ex.11.2 Q1 Constructions Solution - NCERT Maths Class 9

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Construct a triangle \(ABC\) in which \( BC =\) \(7\;\rm{cm}\) , \(\angle B\) = \(75°\) and \(\begin{align}\mathrm{AB}+\mathrm{AC}=13 \mathrm{cm}\end{align}\)

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Ex 11.2 | Question 1

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Steps of Construction:

(i) Draw base  \(BC =7\;\rm{cm}\) and at point \(B\) make an angle of \(75^\circ\) using protractor.

(ii) With \(B\) as center and radius equal to \(13\;\rm{cm}\), draw an arc to intersect ray \(BX\) at \(D\).

(iii) Join \(DC\)

(iv) Measure \(\angle \mathrm{D}\)  and make  \(\angle \mathrm{ACD}=\angle \mathrm{D}\)

(v) Let \(CY\) intersect \(BD\) at \(A\)

(vi) \(ABC\) is the required triangle

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