Ex.15.4 Q1 Visualising Solid Shapes - NCERT Maths Class 7

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A bulb is kept burning just right above the following solids. Name the shape of the shadows obtained in each case. Attempt to give a rough sketch of the shadow. (You may try to experiment first and then answer these questions).

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Visualizing Solid Shapes
Ex 15.4 | Question 1

Text Solution

What is known?

Some solids

What is unknown?

Shape of the shadow obtain in each case.


A spherical object gives a circular shape shadow.

A cylindrical object gives a shadow of a line.

A cuboidal object gives a rectangular shape shadow.


(i) A ball will give the shadow of a circle when tourch is above the ball.

(ii) A cylindrical pipe  will give the shadow of a line.

(iii) A book will give image of a rectangle.

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