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How will you describe the position of a table lamp on your study table to another person?

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Coordinate Geometry
Ex 3.1 | Question 1

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The above figure is a \(\rm3-D\) shows a study table, on which a study lamp is placed.

Now let us consider only the top surface of the table which becomes a \(\rm2-D\) rectangle figure.

From the Figure Above,

  • Consider the lamp on the table as a point
  • Consider the table as a \(\rm2-D\) plane.

The table has a shorter side (\(20\,\rm cm\)) and a longer side (\(30\,\rm cm\)).

  • Let us measure the distance of the lamp from the shorter side and the longer side.
  • Let us assume
    • Distance of the lamp from the shorter side is \( 5 \rm\;{cm}.\)
    • Distance of the lamp from the longer side is \( 5 \rm\;{cm}.\)

Therefore, we can conclude that the position of the lamp on the table can be described with respect to the order of the axes as (\(5,15\)).

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