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A survey was made to find the type of music that a certain group of young people liked in a city. Adjoining pie chart shows the findings of this survey.

From this pie chart, answer the following:

(i) If \(20\) people liked classical music, how many young people were surveyed?

(ii) Which type of music is liked by the maximum number of people?

(iii) If a cassette company were to make \(1000\) CD’s, how many of each type would they make?

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What is known?

Pie chart showing the distribution of music.

What is unknown?

(i) The number of young people were surveyed if \(20\) people liked classical music

(ii) The type of music is liked by the maximum number of people

(iii) Each type of cassettes would they make, if a cassette company were to make \(1000\) CD’s


A circle graph or pie chart shows the relationship between a whole and its parts.


(i) \(10\%\) represents \(20\) people.

Therefore, \(10\%\) represents

\(\begin{align}= \frac{{100 \times 20}}{{10}} = 200\end{align}\) People

Hence, \(200\) young people were surveyed.

(ii)  From the pie chart,it can be easily observed that the light music is represented by the maximum part of the pie chart \((\)i.e \(40 \%) \)Hence,light music is liked by the maximum number of people.

(iii)Number of CD’s of classical music

\(\begin{align}= \frac{{10 \times 1000}}{{100}} = 100\end{align}\)

Number of CD’s of semi-classical music

\(\begin{align}= \frac{{20 \times 1000}}{{100}} = 200\end{align}\)

Number of CD’s of light music

\(\begin{align}= \frac{{40 \times 1000}}{{100}} = 400\end{align}\)

Number of CD’s of folk music

\(\begin{align}= \frac{{30 \times 1000}}{{100}} = 300\end{align}\)

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