Ex.8.2 Q1 Comparing Quantities Solutions - NCERT MATHS CLASS 8


A man got a \(10\%\) increase in his salary. If his new salary is \(\rm{Rs}\, 1,54,000\), find his original salary.

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Comparing Quantities
Ex 8.2 | Question 1

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What is known?

Percentage of increase in salary \(= 10\%\)

New Salary \(=\rm{ Rs}\, 1,54,000\)

What is unknown?

Original Salary


Whole is considered as \(100\%\). Percentage increase is \(10\%\). So, the new salary is original salary plus \(10\%\)of original salary


Let the original salary be \(x\)

Percentage increase is \(10\%\)

Therefore, Original salary \(+\) Increment in salary \(=\) New salary

\[\begin{align}x + 10\%  \times x &= 154000\\x + \frac{{10}}{{100}} \times x & = 154000\\


Original salary is \( \rm{Rs}\, 1,40,000\)

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