Ex.8.2 Q10 Compairing Quantities - NCERT Maths Class 7


A local cricket team played \(20\) matches in one season. It won \(25\%\) of them. How many matches did they win?

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Comparing Quantities
Ex 8.2 | Question 10

Text Solution

What is Known?

Matches played by a cricket team in a season and percentages of matches won.

What is Unknown?

Number of matches won by the tean.


Matches won by local cricket team is \(25\%\) of \(20.\)


Matches won

\[\begin{align}&={\text{ 25% }}\,{\text{of}}\,{\text{20}}\\&= \frac{{25}}{{100}} \times 20\\&= 5\end{align}\]

So, the matches won are \(5.\)

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