EX.2.1 Q11 Linear Equations in One Variable Solutions - NCERT Maths Class 8

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Solve the equation:

\({\rm{17}} + {\rm{6}}p{\rm{ }} = {\rm{ 9}}\)

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Linear Equations
Ex 2.1 | Question 11

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What is known?


What is unknown?

Value of the variable


In an equation values of left-hand side (LHS) and right-hand side (RHS) are equal. The two sides of the equation are balanced. We perform mathematical operations so that the balance is not disturbed.


Transposing \(17\) to RHS, we get:

\[\begin{align}{\rm{6}}p &= {\rm{9}}-{\rm{17}}\\{\rm{6}}p &= - {\rm{8}}\end{align}\]

Now dividing both sides by \(6\).

\[\begin{align}\frac{{6p}}{6}\,\, = \,\, - \frac{8}{6}\\p\,\, = \,\, - \frac{4}{3}\end{align}\]