Ex.2.1 Q2 Polynomials Solution - NCERT Maths Class 9

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Write the coefficients of \({x^2}\)  in each of the following:

(i) \(\begin{align}2 +x^{2}+x \end{align}\)

(ii) \(\begin{align}2-x^{2}+x^{3}\end{align}\)

(iii) \(\begin{align}\frac{\pi}{2} x^{2}+x \end{align}\)

(iv)  \(\begin{align} \sqrt{2} x-1\end{align}\)

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(i) \(\begin{align}&2 +x^{2}+x \\ \end{align}\)

Coefficient of  \(\begin{align}x^{2}=1  \end{align}\)

(ii) \(\begin{align}2 -x^{2}+x^{3} \end{align}\)

Coefficient of \(x^{2}=-1 \)

(iii) \(\begin{align}\frac{\pi}{2}\; x^{2}+x \end{align}\)

Coefficient of \(\begin{align}x^{2}=\frac{\pi}{2}\end{align}\)

(iv) \(\begin{align}\sqrt{2}\; x-1 \end{align}\)

Coefficient of  \(x^{2}=0\), since there is no term of  \(x^{2} \).

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Ex 2.1 | Question 2
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