Ex 2.6 Q2 Fractions-and-Decimals-Solutions NCERT Maths Class 7

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 Find the area of rectangle whose length is \(\rm{}5.7\,cm\) and breadth is \(\rm{}3\, cm.\)

Text Solution

What is known?

Dimensions of rectangle.

What is unknown?

Area of rectangle.


Area of rectangle \(=\) Length \(×\) Breadth



Length of rectangle \(=\rm{} 5.7\, cm\)

Breadth of rectangle \(= \rm{}3\, cm \)

 \[\begin{align}\therefore \text{Area of rectangle} = \text{Length} × \text{Breadth}&=\rm{} 5.7× 3\\&=\rm{} 17.1\end{align}\]

Thus, the area of rectangle is \(\rm{}17.1\, cm\)

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