Ex.3.3 Q2 Data Handling - NCERT Maths Class 7


Use the bar graph (see below figure) which shows the no. of books sold by a bookstore during \(5\) consecutive years and answer the following questions:

(i) About how many books were sold in \(1989, 1990, \text &\,\, 1992 ?\)

(ii) In which year was about \(475\) books sold? About \(225\) books sold?

(iii) In which years were fewer than \(250\) books sold?

(iv) Can you explain how you would estimate the number of books sold in \(1989?\)

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Data Handling
Ex 3.3 | Question 2

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What is known?

Number of books sold during five consecutive years.


We can answer all the question by observing the bar graph


From the given bar graph, we have

(i) In \(1989 ,180\) books were sold.

  • In \(1990, 475\) books were sold.
  • In \(1992, 225\) books were sold.

(ii) In \(1990\) about \(475\) books were sold and in \(1992\) about \(225\) books were sold.

  • In \(1989\) and \(1992\) fewer than \(250\) books were sold.
  • From the graph we can conclude that \(180\) books were sold in \(1989.\)
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