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Ex.5.1 Q2 Data Handling Solutions - NCERT Maths Class 8

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The shoppers who come to a departmental store are marked as: man (M), woman (W), boy (B) or girl (G). The following list gives the shoppers who came during the first hour in the morning.

W W W G B W W M G G M M W W W W G B M W B G G M W W M M W W W M W B W G M W W W W G W M M W W M W G W M G W M M B G G W.

Make a frequency distribution table using tally marks.Draw a bar graph to illustrate it.

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Data Handling
Ex 5.1 | Question 2

Text Solution

What is known?

List of the shoppers who came during first hour in the morning.

What is unknown?

Frequency distribution of the shoppers list and bar graph representation.


Number of occurrences of the particular entry is known as frequency.


The frequency distribution table is as follows:


Tally Marks

Number of Shoppers


\\\\ \\\\ \\\\ \\\\ \\\\ \\\



\\\\ \\\\ \\\\






\\\\ \\\\ \\




The illustration of data by bar-graph is as follows:

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