Ex.5.1 Q2 Lines and Angles Solution - NCERT Maths Class 7

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Find the supplement of each of the following angles:

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Lines & Angles
Ex 5.1 | Question 2

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What is known?

Measure of angles.

What is the unknown?
Measure of supplement of each angle.

In a pair of angles, if the sum of the measures of the angles comes out to be \(180^\circ\), angles are called supplementary angles. When two angles are supplementary, each angle is said to be the supplement of the other. If the given angle is \(x\), then we can find the supplement by subtracting \(x\) from \(180^\circ\).

(i) Given angle \(=105^\circ\)

Supplement angle of \(105^\circ\)

\[\begin{align} &= {180^\circ} - \text{given angle} \\ &= 180^\circ − 105^\circ \\ &= 75^\circ \end{align}\]

(ii) Given angle \(= 87^\circ\)

Supplement angle of \( 87^\circ\)

\[\begin{align}  &= 180^\circ -\text{given angle} \\ &= 180^\circ − 87^\circ \\ &= 93^\circ \end{align} \]

(iii) Given angle \(=154^\circ\)

Supplement angle of \(154^\circ\)

\[\begin{align} &= 180^\circ -\text{given angle} \\ &= 180^\circ − 154^\circ \\ &=26^\circ\end{align} \]