Ex.6.1 Q2 The Triangle and Its Properties - NCERT maths Class 7

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Draw rough sketches for the following:

(i) In \(∆ABC\), \(BE\)  is a median.

(ii) In \(∆PQR\), \(PQ\) and \(PR\) are altitudes of the triangle.

(iii) In \(∆XYZ\), \(YL \) is an altitude in the exterior of the triangle.

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Triangle & Its Properties
Ex 6.1 | Question 2

Text Solution

What is known?


What is unknown?

Rough sketch for given statement.


Read the statement carefully and draw a rough figure according to the statement.


Here \(BE\) is a median in triangle\( ABC\) therefore \(AE = EC.\)

Here \(PQ\) and \(PR\) are the altitudes of triangle \(PQR\) and \(PQ ┴ PR\).

\(YL\) is an altitude in the exterior of triangle \(XYZ\)

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