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Ex.10.3 Q3 Practical Geometry Solution- NCERT Maths Class 7

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Construct \(\Delta ABC\) with \(BC = 7.5\,\rm{ cm}\), \(AC = 5\,\rm{ cm}\) and \(m∠C = 60^\circ\).

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Practical Geometry
Ex 10.3 | Question 3

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What is known?

Lengths of sides of a triangle are \(BC = 7.5\,\rm{ cm}\), \(AC = 5\,\rm{ cm}\) and \(∠C = 60^\circ\).

To construct:

A triangle \(\Delta ABC\)  with \(BC = 7.5\,\rm{ cm}\), \(AC = 5\,\rm{ cm}\) and \(∠C = 60^\circ\).


To construct a triangle \(ΔABC\) with \(BC = 7.5\,{\rm{ cm}}, AC = 5\,\rm{ cm}\) and \(∠C = 60^\circ\), follow the steps given below.


Steps of construction :

  1. Draw a line segment \(BC\) of length \(7.5\,\rm{cm}.\)
  2. At \(C\), draw \(CX\) making \(60^\circ\) with \(BC\).
  3. With \(C\) as centre, draw an arc of radius \(5\,\rm{cm}.\) It cuts \(CX\) at the point \(A\).
  4. Join \(AB.\)

Triangle \(ABC\) is the required triangle.

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