Ex.15.2 Q3 Introduction to Graphs Solutions - NCERT Maths Class 8


Write the coordinates of the vertices of each of these adjoining figures.

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Introduction To Graphs
Ex 15.2 | Question 3

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\(x\)-axis and \(y\)-axis are represented as a number line starting from (\(0,0\)). Locate the numerical value of the given points.


The coordinates of the vertices in the given figure are as follows.

\[\begin{align}&{{O(0,0), A(2,0), B(2,3),C(0,3)}}\\&{{P(4,3), Q(6,1), R(6,5),S(4,7)}}\\&{{K(10,5), L(7,7),M (10,8)}}\end{align}\]

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