Ex.2.1 Q3 Polynomials Solution - NCERT Maths Class 9

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Give one example each of a binomial of degree \(35,\) and of a monomial of degree \(100.\)

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(i) A binomial of degree \(35\)

Binomial means polynomial having only \(2\) terms. Here the highest degree should be \(35.\)

So, the binomial will look like \(\begin{align}a x^{35}-b x^{c}\end{align}\)  where  \(\begin{align}a \neq 0, b \neq 0 \text { and } 0 \leq c<35\end{align}\)

Example: \(\begin{align}3 x^{35}-5\end{align}\)

(ii) A monomial of degree \(100\)

Monomial means polynomial having only \(1\) term. Here the highest degree should be \(100.\) So, the monomial will look like  \(\begin{align}a x^{100} \text { where } a \neq 0\end{align}\)

Example:  \(\begin{align}5 x^{100}\end{align}\)

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