Ex.3.4 Q3 Understanding Quadrilaterals Solution - NCERT Maths Class 8


Explain how a square is.

(i) a quadrilateral

(ii) a parallelogram

(iii) a rhombus

(iv) a rectangle

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Understanding Quadrilaterals
Ex 3.4 | Question 3

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A square is a quadrilateral since it has four sides.


Parallelogram- properties

(1) Opposite sides are equal.

(2) Opposite angles are equal.

(3) Diagonals bisect one another.

A square is parallelogram, since it contains both pairs of opposite sides equal.


Rhombus - properties

i)A parallelogram with sides of equal length.

ii)The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular bisectors of one another.

A square is a rhombus since

i) its four sides are of same length.

ii)the diagonals of a square are perpendicular bisectors of each other.



i)Being a parallelogram, the rectangle has opposite sides of equal length and its diagonals bisect each other.

A square is rectangle since each interior angle measures \(90\) degree.
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