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Ex.6.4 Q3 Squares and Square Roots - NCERT Maths Class 8

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Find the square root of the following decimal numbers.

(i) \(2.56\)

(ii) \(7.29\)

(iii) \(51.84\)

(iv) \(42.25\)

(v) \(31.36\)

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Squares And Square Roots
Ex 6.4 | Question 3

Text Solution

What is known?

Perfect squares in decimal form

What is unknown?

Square root by using division method


To find the square root of decimal numbers put bars on the integral part of the number and place bars on the decimal part on every pair of digits starting with the first decimal place.



Square root of \(2.56\) is calculated as:-

\[\sqrt {2.56}= 1.6\]


Square root of \(7.29\) is calculated as

\[\sqrt {7.29}= 2.7\]


Square root of \(51.84\) is calculated as

\[\sqrt {51.84}= 7.2\]


Square root of \(42.25\) is calculated as follows

\[\sqrt {42.25}= 6.25\]


Square root of \(31.36 \) is calculated as follows

\[\sqrt {31.36}= 5.6\]