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Ex.1.3 Q4 Integers Solution - NCERT Maths Class 7

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Starting from \((–1) × 5,\) write various products showing some pattern to show \((–1) × (–1) =1.\)

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Ex 1.3 | Question 4

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\[\begin{align}\left( {-1} \right) \times {\rm{ }}5 &= -5\\\left( {-1} \right) \times 4 &= -4\\\left( {-1} \right) \times 3 &= -3\\\left( {-1} \right) \times 2 &= -2\\\left( {-1} \right) \times 1 &= -1\\\left( {-1} \right) \times 0 &= 0\\\left( {-1} \right)  \times -&1 = {\rm{ }}1\end{align}\]

Thus, it is clear that when we multiply a negative integer by a positive integer the result is a negative integer whereas if we multiply a negative integer by a negative integer the result is always a positive integer.

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