EX.2.2 Q4 Linear Equations in One Variable Solutions - NCERT Maths Class 8

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Sum of two numbers is \(95\). If one exceeds the other by \(15\), find the numbers.

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Linear Equations
Ex 2.2 | Question 4

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What is known?

(i) Some of two numbers is \(95\).

(ii) One exceeds the other by \(15\).

What is unknown?



Assume any one number to be a variable and form a linear equation by using the relationships between the two numbers mentioned in the problem statement.


Let one of the number be \(x\).

Then the other number➔ \((95-{\rm{ }}x)\) (as sum of them is \(95\)).

If we assume \(x\) to be larger among two of them.

\(x - (95 - x) = 15\) (as one exceeds other by \(15\))

\[\begin{align}x - 95 + x &= 15\\2x &= 110\\x &= \frac{{110}}{2}\\x &= 55\end{align}\]

Then other number➔ \(95 - x = 95 - 55 = 40\)

The numbers are \(40\) and \(55\).