Ex.3.3 Q4 Data Handling - NCERT Maths Class 7

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The performance of a student in \(1^{st}\) term and \(2^{nd}\) term is given. Draw a double bar graph choosing appropriate scale and answer the following:






S. Science

\(1^{st}\) Term (M.M. \(100\))






\(2^{nd}\) Term (M.M. \(100\))






(i) In which subject, has the child improved his performance the most?

(ii) In which subject improvement is the least?

(iii) Has the performance gone down in any subject?

Text Solution

What is known?

Marks obtained in different subject


We have to draw the graph by using the data


Difference between the marks of \(1^{st}\) and \(2^{nd}\) term

English \(= 70 \, – 67 = 3\)

Hindi \(= 65 \,– 72 = -7\) (Decrease in marks)

Math \(= 95\, – 88 = 7\)

Science \(= 85\, – 81= 4\)

Social Science \(= 75\, – 73 =2\)

(i) In Math, the performance of the students improved.

(ii) In Social .science, the performance of the students improved is the least.

(iii)Yes, in Hindi the performance of the students has gone down.

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